Working on Editions for The Yes Men

The DCA Print Studio are producing editions of work for The Yes Men, a duo of artists whose work is very political in content, focusing on social issues- 'telling the truth and exposing lies'. They have quite a wide practice, but some of their work involves film making and large- scale hoaxes. They say that the hoaxes (such as posing as powerful executives, being invited to speak at conferences, then talking about weird stuff) are a collaboration with the media, helping journalists to tell the stories that they care about. So excited to be involved in their work, to however small an extent. These pieces are all CMYK screen prints, and there are quite a lot! I have worked on a few so far, to varying degrees.




The solid red background in the second one was tricky to get perfect, and helped give me great triceps! :P I am planning a 'how to...' series of blog posts, and I am going to start with screen printing, so I can both practice explaining it and introduce non- screen printers to the process at the same time! :) At some point I will also upload some of my new screenprinted work. Until then!