Sam Jacobs and the Hyperreal Object in Fantasy

I've been doing a bit of research lately around my new project. This is the first time I've seriously researched outside of an institution, and it's pretty tough not having the resources you take for granted whilst studying at at University. Namely the lovely vast library of specialist books (art related and everything else) and journals. I thought using the internet would be just as good, if not easier (less hassle leafing through physical books), but it turns out it is simply a distraction! Thankfully, I still have access to fantastic resources at DCA. :D I came across an article in Art Review that talks about some topics related to what I've been thinking about.

 Things in fantasy often possess more qualities than things in real life. They operate more symbolically, or they can do impossible things: rings that make you disappear, for example.

All its objects are treated like fetishes: swords, books, thrones, cloaks and so on. … Exaggerated through sounds, light, cinematography and post production, its props acquire a sense of more-than-realness.

They feel more real than any real medieval sword propped up in a stately home or suit of armour in a museum. They are visually and sonically coaxed into a state of hyperreality.

-Sam Jacobs, Game of Thones, Art Review Summer 2013, issue 69, p.58.

Just something I've been thinking about with regards to my animations. And, on a seemingly unrelated note, here is a cool cabbage gif: