Riso Soup is a sister project of Dundee Print Collective, specialising in Risograph printing projects. Working with DPC and Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio, Riso Soup have made 11 Riso publications and print projects since 2014, spanning a wide variety of subjects and styles. The eclectic ‘soup’ of members is ever evolving, often including students and artists new to printmaking - Risograph is a great entry point. They attend zine fairs around the UK and Europe, distributing members zines, and have also worked with artists to create co-editioned works. During the pandemic, Riso Soup ran two online open call projects called Pick ‘n Mix, where 2 colour print submissions were produced in small editions and sent back to their creators by post, along with a selection of the other artists work, in the spirit of a socially distanced ‘zine swap’.


Current Open Call, 🔥 Deadline 15th July  🔥

Riso Soup are going to Bristol in September, to take part in IMPACT 12, an international printmaking conference. We will be showing off our new book and exhibition, MISPRINT, to be created this summer. And we need you!

The exhibition will be site specific, using the misprinted pages from the books production, and will take place both in Bristol and in Dundee later in the year. The book will be a riso printed, perfect bound beauty showcasing the talent of Riso Soup artists.😘

Some general themes could be: Misprints; mistakes, serendipity, growth, progress, metamorphosis, variations, change.

Send us your art:

- Full bleed- take it right to the edge of the page!
- Using 2 or 3 colours to layer? Send us the layers in separate files. (see image guidance)
- A3 (297 x 420 mm), high resolution.
- send to risosoupzine@gmail.com

Project Fee is £10 – this is to cover our costs. You will receive:
- The finished book.
- An edition of your prints.
- Your work shown in Bristol, September 2022 at the IMPACT 12 International Printmaking conference.
- Book launch exhibition in Dundee, Winter 2022.
- Opportunity to get involved with the production of the project via drop-in sessions with us in the print studio.