Optical Impermanence International

Screen Print and laser cut on translucent paper, 2022

I made this print for this project curated by Brownlow, Iancu and Scheuer who are based in Purdue University. It was part of a group show at IMPACT 12 printmaking conference, Bristol. 

Optical Impermanence is a collaborative and interactive exhibition and portfolio project using the concepts of touching, merging, and metamorphosis as exploration of optical play through interactivity of image and materials. For this project, selected artists will create an edition of 22 round prints (9.5”) on Japanese paper, vellum, mylar, or other translucent surface. The works will be layered atop one another and will interact with one another when viewing and traveling through the print collection.

With these translucent prints, the portfolio will be in a constant state of optical play, with overlap and layering creating new interactions, intentional placement, interdependencies and discovery.