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30 September 2022


I travelled to Bristol with the DCA Print studio last week, for the IMPACT 12 conference. IMPACT is a biennial conference focusing on exclusively printmaking! It was amazing to come along and be involved with loads of projects and events. 
It was an inspiring feeling being amoungst printmakers for a whole week, learning, looking and absorbing.

Bristol is a great city, with really friendly vibes. There were a few cool shows on at the old Firestation and the Island, including  @thestateofprint, who opened the conference with a fun parade down through Bristol city centre!


Misprints; mistakes, serendipity, growth, progress, metamorphosis, variations, change.

After a whole summer of work, MISPRINT came alive in the form of a show in UWE, Bristol.

Here is a pic of the huge wall of risograph misprints! They are all true, serendipitous prints of overlaid designs in the book we produced. 

It was a huge challenge to install, but really worth it, I think!

Here are the designs we started with. They are all pages in the book, where they are shown next to the ‘misprinted’ overlay pages.

We had loads of great comments while the show was up! Now we are back in Dundee, it’s on to finishing up the remaining books, getting them to our artists, and have some ready to get out there into the world.

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Show: Optical Impermanence

Group show & print portfolio at UWE, Bristol

I made a print for this really interesting project curated by Brownlow, Iancu and Scheuer who are based in Purdue University. They describe the project like so;

Optical Impermanence is a collaborative and interactive exhibition and portfolio project using the concepts of touching, merging, and metamorphosis as exploration of optical play through interactivity of image and materials. For this project, selected artists will create an edition of 22 round prints (9.5”) on Japanese paper, vellum, mylar, or other translucent surface. The works will be layered atop one another and will interact with one another when viewing and traveling through the print collection.

With these translucent prints, the portfolio will be in a constant state of optical play, with overlap and layering creating new interactions, intentional placement, interdependencies and discovery.


Risograph Intermediate (previously called faux CMYK) Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts
Families Drop-In Workshops at V&A Dundee
Zine Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts

24 August 2022


Riso Soup: MISPRINT 

After launching an open call a few months ago, our Misprint project is very much underway!

Misprint is a project I submitted for the IMPACT 12 Printmaking conference in Bristol this September. We have an exhibition space, where we plan to install ‘misprinted’ pages from this project, and also launch the book. It was an open call thing, and we got support from DCA to help us bring it into being. 

The pages are looking so good, and we are super excited about the book taking shape and the exhibition reaching its final form. 

After launching in Bristol, we are hoping to bring the show back to Dundee, too. :)


We have been working with artist Annalee Davis on her recent residency with us, helping realise a beautiful project. I am making a print and two artists books for the box of work, and there’s all different kinds of printmaking methods involved. In this snap I am gluing a screenprinted cover to the inside of a book. It’s a flagbook which has lots of prints inside, arranged on a concertina spine, so it’s really interactive once opened.
Really enjoying working with Annalee! Her work is fantatsic, she tells important stories that have been forgotten or hidden in time. The final collection of editions is going to be incredible.

More here: Annalee Davis at DCA Print Studio


Optical Impermenence 2

Apart from being very much in full steam ahead mode for the Riso Soup project, I am making work for another exhibition in Bristol called ‘Optical Impermenence’. It’s going to be a screen print on transparent paper cut into a circle. The end show will be an installation of lots of other printed circles.


Families Drop-In Workshops at V&A Dundee
Risograph Intermediate Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts
Gocco Pro Digital Screen Printing Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts