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24 August 2022


Riso Soup: MISPRINT 

After launching an open call a few months ago, our Misprint project is very much underway!
Misprint is a project I submitted for the IMPACT 12 Printmaking conference in Bristol this September. We have an exhibition space, where we plan to install ‘misprinted’ pages from this project, and also launch the book. It was an open call thing, and we got support from DCA to help us bring it into being. 

The pages are looking so good, and we are super excited about the book taking shape and the exhibition reaching its final form. 
After launching in Bristol, we are hoping to bring the show back to Dundee, too. :) 


Annalee Davis at DCA Print Studio

We have been working with artist Annalee Davis on her recent residency with us, helping realise a beautiful project. I am making two artists books for the set of work, there’s all different kinds of printmaking methods involved. Really enjoying working with her!


Optical Impermenence 2

Apart from being very much in full steam ahead mode for the Riso Soup project, I am making work for another exhibition in Bristol called ‘Optical Impermenence’. It’s going to be a screen print on transparent paper cut into a circle. The end show will be an installation of lots of other printed circles.


Families Drop-In Workshops at V&A Dundee
Risograph Intermediate Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts
Gocco Pro Digital Screen Printing Class at Dundee Contemporary Arts