Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Digital


SNOWFLAKE, Laser Cut Paper, 35 x 35 cm

_IGP2991 (Small)

HANDS, 3D Printed White Plastic and Silk Thread, Various Small Sizes


WING, Silkscreen Print and Digital Drawing, 60 x 25 cm

HALO PORTAL, Digital Drawing

POISON, Pen and Ink, 85 x 50 cm

DECEMBER DRESS (Close Up), Pen and Ink, 200 x 90 cm

CERBERUS, Pen and Ink, 85 x 50 cm



VIOLENT LACE, Degree Show DJCAD, 2011


PORCELAIN MANNEQUIN (Close Up), Pen and Ink on Paper, 100 x 200 cm

POISON REPEAT, Digital Drawing

POISON, Laser Cut Paper, 50 x 20 cm

2011 STUDIO (with POSION drawing and laser cut paper version)

PERSEPHONE, Digital Drawing

SIREN, Digital Drawing

DEATH DANCE, Digital Drawing/Painting

THE FALL, Digital Drawing/Painting