Got an Instant Camera Recently…
14 October 2015



That’s after the abundant amount of selfies, of course. シ
This is a little selection of instants taken in the South Wales countryside, and out and about in summery Dundee. (RIP Sun)

I’ve been having a bit of relaxed fun with taking pictures again. I got the Instax mini 8 on sale, while I was planning a visit to Wales. Got that one because it was cheap and the film is cheap… I thought only bringing an instant would force me to really consider what photographs to take. But even though the number of exposures is much more limited, I took many more photographs than I would have if I had only traveled with my phone or bulky SLR.

Planning to print a mini zine this week with these and other pics in them. See that and another new zine “Everything I know about The Moon” at the Ex:Libris artists book fair on the 25th October. It’s at Bonar Hall, Dundee. Loads of amazing artists are in the lineup, so it should be a fun day! I will have a table with various works, so say hi!

In other news, I have been:
*  Learning Japanese! こんにちは!
*  Working on a new zine/poster collaborative project
*  Giving this website a new look! Like it?
*  Making more prints of recent work for my shop
*  Making new monoprint work
*  Proposal/Application/etc etc writing… it never ends! Oh well.
*  Playing about with sparkly gemstones and plasticine…

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