Geli Monoprinting and Paper Drypoint prints
25 May 2015

Studio update! I was recently a bit lacking in the inspiration department, but finding new artists and art that you love always helps. A trip to Glasgow, a catch up with my undergraduate tutor, and some new art crushes later, and I threw myself into making work again. Even if it’s not very good or resolved yet, at least it’s work :)

I have been making quick geli monoprints and paper drypoint intaglio prints. Both really quick, messy and fun ways to approach printmaking.

Geli Printing is a cool new way to monoprint, using a wobbly gelatin plate and either water or oil based inks. You can build up the surface using rollers, textured stamps, brushes, or if you’re like me probably just your fingers. What’s really cool about it is it keeps a ghost image on the surface that you can play with, gradually building up layers before printing a final image. For my ones, I kept it simple. I used a brush, cloth and fingers to get the soft, almost lithography-like marks, and paper stencils to block out the white shapes. The final two images show what can be achieved with the ghosting.



portal (Small)
fireball (Small)
moon (Small)
moon refelection (Small)


The other day I made some quick new paper drypoints, too. Quick and easy. Might print some nicer ones from the plates at some point…

wing (Small)
sun 2 (Small)
orb 2 (Small)



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